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We can help you get the most out of your “chasing for auroras”!

You can find our adventures under ”Activities” in the menu.
We can offer other activities as well. For example grousehunting with pointing dogs in the autumn. Hunting for grouse and ptarmigan in the high countries in the winter. Custom made trips with snowshoes or cross country skis, one day or multi day trips. Running camps up in the mountains summertime. Mountain biking etc. Send us an email and tell us what you are interested of and we will figure something out.
See you in Abisko!!


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Northern Light trip

We help you to get the most out of your “chasing for auroras”!

The trips start with a ride in a sled behind a snowmobile, driven by one of our guides. Depending on the conditions of the snow and the ice on Lake Torneträsk the tours can go to different locations but we always go to a place were there is no light pollution and were we get nice open views of the sky. Before the ice conditions on the lake are safe, we do the tour in the area around Abisko National Park.

We have a tipi were we can get protection from the wind and a fire inside that keeps us warm while we are waiting for the auroras. When the lake has safely frozen and the ice is thick enough, we do the tour to one of our two locations that we normally use. One is a wooden hut with skis under it wich we pull out on the ice with snowmobiles as soon as it is safe. It is spectacular to sit in hut with a nice warming fire, on the top of a frozen lake in the middle of nowere up in the Arctic!! And you can just imagine the feeling when Miss Aurora shows up!!

The other location is an isolated tipi with a wooden deck around it. The place is really nice with open views in all directions, including the silhouette of Mount Noulja. Also here we have a nice fire inside so we can keep warm. Our guides can help you with standard settings for your camera or take photos that you can share. We also have some tripods that our guests can use. Warm clothes are included and so are warm drinks and a light snack.

Price: 895:­ / person

The trip starts at the backside of the “Aurora Pub & Restaurant” located in the centre of “Abisko Östra” at 8 pm every evening from the 5:th of December -­ 26:th of March and we are back at 11 pm. Other periods on request. Please be at our meeting point 15 minuties before the tour starts

We offer pick up sevice from all accomondation in the area.

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Walking tour Paddus – Nabbarna

3 hour walk in the Abisko area. We walk up into the hig country to some points with a beautiful sweeping view over lake Torneträsk and the sorroundings. We stop for a break and enjoy a sandwich with smoked whitefish caught in the great lake of Torneträsk and a nice cup of coffe.

Avalible Tuesdays and Thursdays 15/6 – 15/9. Start time 10:00. Other times on request! Please be at our meeting point 15 minuties before the tour starts

Price: 795:- / person. Minimum 3 people and max 8 people

Bring good shoes, waterproof is to prefer.

We give you a chance to hook up the legendary Arctic Char!

Join us on our popular ice fishing trip. Before we get ice on the Lake of Torneträsk we go with minibus to a lake in the area. We take a short walk down to lake and enter the ice. We use a special drill to make a hole through the ice and put down a lure with maggots on the hook and try to catch the legendary and delicious arctic char.

We have a fire so you can warm up if you get frozen and for frying the fish that you have caught! We will warm something to drink as well! When we have ice on Torneträsk, we go out on the ice with snowmobile. We have a wooden hut standing on the ice so you can come inside and warm up in front of a nice fire! Warm clothes is included. Price 795:­/ person

The trip starts at the backside of the “Aurora Pub & Restaurant” located in the middle of Abisko Östra every day at 9:30 am and we are back at 12:00 from the 5:th of December­ – 26:th of March. Other periods on request. We offer pick up service from all accomondation in the area. Please be at our meeting point 15 minuties before the tour starts


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About us

We at Activities in Abisko has a long experience in organizing activities that become experiences for life. If there is anything in particular you want to do when you visit Abisko, that you can not find in our catalog, you can contact us and maybe we can make a special arrangement.

Contact information:
Phone: +46 76 138 09 98
E-mail: activities@abisko.me

My name is Roger Marklund and i am the founder and the owner of Activities in Abisko. I am 47 years old and have spent a big part of my life out in the forrest and up in the mountains. For more than 18 years i have lived north the arctic circle and the last 11 years in the fantastic and beutiful village of Abisko. I have a graduation as an authorised adventure guide and my experience of being outside goes back to the days before i had my 10:th birthday. Me and my crew will do our best to give you a memorable time during your stay in our beautiful part of the world!

My name is Anna Carlsson and I’ve been working as a guide at Activities in Abisko since 2015. I’m 30 years old and the outdoors has always been a natural part of my life. The mountains and the forest is both my home and my playground, and I look forward to show you a piece of what Abisko and the surroundings have to offer! I´m a certified Adventure- and Wilderness guide, as well as a biologist.


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